Orchid’s Team: Steven Waterhouse, Brian Fox, Jay Freeman, Gustav Simonsson

The CEO who co-founded the oldest crypto hedge fund (Pantera) in USA, A co-founder who created Cydia-the AppStore used on over 30 million jailbroken Apple devices, A co-founder who created the first interactive online banking software for Wells Fargo, and a co-founder who was one of the core developers of…


If you are actively engaged in crypto twitter you must’ve heard about Algorand in the past month or so. It is one of the most hyped projects (for all the right reasons). In this article I’d like to briefly introduce you to Algorand, and its origins.

About Algorand


Crowdfunding these days in one of the most popular means by which entrepreneurs raise capital for their project. The most prominent platform currently being used in regards to crowdfunding is Kickstarter. What would happen if a platform were to emerge that would bring the benefits of blockchain and Kickstarter altogether…

Ezio Auditore


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